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SUDESA has maintained throughout these years a commitment to continuous improvement, both in the variety and quality of the products it offers, as well as in the attention to the requirements expressed by customers and dedicates a great productive effort to meet their delivery requirements, also committing itself to compliance with the legal requirements that apply to it, as well as others acquired voluntarily such as the chain of custody certification of its products under the FSC ® and PEFC ™ standards.

In order to achieve these commitments, SUDESA will carry out annual target programmes, as well as training programmes for its employees so that they can actively participate in the company’s activities.

With all these measures, SUDESA aims to be at the forefront of Spanish companies in terms of product catalogue and flexibility.

certified quality

Sudesa, in its commitment to quality, establishes and periodically reviews its quality policy and develops a management system for its processes that has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2007, for the scope: Manufacture of melamine board and melamine postforming.

Its extensive experience since 1974 and its constant technological innovation aimed at offering a complete range of products to cover any need, are a guarantee of obtaining a top quality product.

Characteristics, techniques and certificates

Melamine Standard

Surface Resistance Certificate Melamine with Protective Overlay

Waterproof Agglomerate

MDF Waterproof

MDF Compact

Melamine with overlay

Standard Agglomerate

Fireproof Agglomerate

MDF Standard

MDF Fireproof

Chain of Custody Policy


Test and classification reports of the reaction to fire of the whole (backing board + coating) for all the melamine of the SUDESPAN range. These reports refer to all the designs and all the finishes of our collection when they are manufactured with any type of fireproof backing (chipboard or MDF).

With this certificate, we guarantee the performance of our products when used as wall and ceiling cladding for any contract project.

SUDESPAN® range reaction to fire test and classification reports

SUDESPAN® range reaction to fire test report

Reaction to fire classification report SUDESPAN range