Sudesa has brought out a new online platform which will act as a work tool for interior designers

Sudesa presents the new version of its web platform which complements the ideal of digital innovation and transformation which the company has maintained for more than 44 years.

Sudesa’s new web platform presents a structure designed and envisaged for correct operation of the site as well as for offering its users an optimum browsing experience, becoming a new work tool for interior designers, architects and designers.

It is divided into four sections: Wood, Fantasies, Monochromatics and Textures which provide direct access to the 2018 – 2020 Collection, showing the novelties for each season besides enabling each sample to be easily downloaded. Likewise, the website has a smart filter which allows any design to be located by code and name. The details and development of each can also be viewed, enabling greater awareness of our laminates.

The product sections Sudespan, Sudespan Registro, Tradespan, Sudesform, Lamipan remain on the platform with the addition of the sections Customized Product and Complements. These pages are linked to the categories of the collections to show availability of each sample.

At the heart of the revamped website is support for Sudesa brand advocates. User experience is an important factor on which the main features of this platform are based, which includes the possibility of requesting each sample by filling in a form or requesting a sales visit.

The confidence and close relations which the company has maintained with its customers over the years are factors which will be consolidated on this new platform. Sudesa now has its own press office, a multimedia gallery of pictures and videos, from where the company will permanently communicate with its customers about the latest developments, design trends and interviews which enhance its contract audience image.

These close relations will continue to be consolidated with the creation of a “social media room” on LinkedIn and Facebook, where the opinions of its advocates will be compiled in real time, as well as suggestions and queries about products and applications of samples.

In this context, the new Projects section will also become a showcase for all the work undertaken by Sudesa in collaboration with interior designers and designers participating in the different events that the brand will carry out throughout the year.

All these novelties have been created using an attractive modern design, suitable for any mobile device, with new content and a branching structure, well thought-out for easy browsing by visiting users.