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Quality Policy.

Since 1974, Superficies Decoradas S.A. (SUDESA) has been dedicated to the production of melamine boards, with or without further processing and postforming elements. SUDESA’s steady growth has lead us to take on new commitments along with new challenges for the future. Without a doubt the most important challenge in the near future is to maintain a system of quality assurance based on the international ISO 9001:2008 standard, and keep it up to date.

In this way SUDESA makes a commitment to continuous improvement, both in terms of the quality of its products, as well as the services it offers its customers. The company is equally committed to meeting the requirements that are legally implied, as it is to fulfilling others it may achieve voluntarily.

In order to achieve these commitments each year SUDESA will carry out objective programs, as well as training programs for its employees so that they can actively participate in the company’s activities.

Using all these measures SUDESA hopes to improve the products and services it offers its customers by anticipating their needs.

Ricardo Gómez-Lechón Monfort
Valencia, the 1st of June, 2015